Various web agencies, governments, online marketing companies, freelancers, SMEs, and other diverse types of businesses are already supported by us in their daily tasks. We offer a central point for fully managed cloud solutions with a solid SLA and uptime guarantee!

We offer two partner/reseller plans if you want to pass on the same support and guarantees to your customers. This way, both the partner and the end customer can enjoy our advantageous solutions.

Why partner with Hosted Power?
  • Enjoy securities and guarantees for all parties
  • You can guarantee a quality service without any worries
  • You can always rely on our technical team
  • Years of experience, knowledge and passion for technology
  • Discounts possible on the total price of the solution
Possibility 1: Client acquisition

Suppose you acquire a client or a project, then you have no obligations afterwards. Clear agreements are made about availability, support and SLA. You will remain the contact point for technical issues concerning the web application that you have built up for the customer, but as far as invoicing is concerned, we will contact the end customer directly. You can rely on Hosted Power when it gets to both the technical and sales level.

  • The client directly becomes a client of Hosted Power
  • Both invoicing and first-line support for the customer is taken care of by us.
  • One-off fee calculated on the client's annual turnover
Possibility 2: Our innovative services under your own name

If you act as an intermediary, the end customer only has one point of contact. We then act as second-line support for your employees. You can still fall back on our experts; you can continue to use the added value of Hosted Power while maintaining the same benefits. Your customers never come into contact with our company.

  • As a partner you act as an intermediary
  • You also take care of the invoicing & first-line support
  • Hosted Power acts as second & third line support for your employees
  • Possible discounts calculated on the partner's annual turnover

For each project you choose a way of working and this is initially communicated to Hosted Power. The amount and the discounts or kickback are agreed between Hosted Power and the partner itself. This can vary depending on the project and the added services. We are happy to help you with all your questions and comments during a personal conversation.


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